Strength and Balance Classes

Reduces the risk of falls in older Australians by improving lower limb strength and balance. Adapted from the evidence-based Otago Exercise Program.

Strength and Balance Timetable

We are pleased to offer the following Strength and Balance Classes:

  • Monday
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • Friday
  • Saturday
  • Tuesday

    Strength and Balance
    2:30pm - 3:20pm
    Physio-Wise Gawler
  • Wednesday

    Strength and Balance
    2pm - 2:50pm
    Physio-Wise Gawler
  • Friday

    Strength and Balance
    10am - 10:50am
    Physio-Wise Gawler

The Physio-Wise main class timetable lists all our different classes, times and locations.

What is the Strength and Balance class?

Based on the Otago Exercise Program (OEP), the Strength and Balance Class has been adapted to a group exercise environment. Exercises are individually tailored to match and challenge your abilities. The OEP was developed over many years of research and has worked in other states and countries.

Who is Strength and Balance for?

The class is most suitable for people over 80 years who are at risk of falling or who have had a fall. It’s never too late to improve your strength and balance.

How does Strength and Balance work?

The strength and balance class helps to reduce the risk of falls by addressing lower limb weakness and balance difficulties. You will receive an individually tailored exercise program and walking plan along with support from our Physiotherapists.

Why join the Strength and Balance class?

The Strength and Balance class helps older people to increase their ability to perform everyday tasks and activities, like cleaning, washing, shopping and going out with friends.

How can I get involved?

Before you take part in your first class, one of our physiotherapists will perform a comprehensive balance assessment to determine your suitability for the program. Once complete, exercises will be individually tailored to improve your strength and balance.

Class sizes are kept small, so our Physiotherapists can provide sufficient supervision and support.

Our Strength & Balance classes have two booking options.
Flexible Booking
This option allows you to book your classes around your committments and allows for cancellations if you are unable to attend (subject to our 24hour cancellation policy). Payment is made on attendance of each class with private health rebates avaialble. This booking option gives you access to our loyalty program where your 11th class is free.
Block Booking
This option books you in for the entire month at a reduced fee per class. The full payment of all classes in the month must be paid upfront and will be held in credit on your account. If you are unable to attend one of the classes, then you will forfeit the amount previously paid for that class. We are unable to provide refunds or a make-up class for non-attendance. If we need to cancel the class for any reason (such as the physio being unwell) then the class will be credited for the following month. If you are wanting to claim with your private health insurance then you can either collect the receipt of the full payment at each class you attend and claim back online or you can swipe your private health fund card when attending and the gap payment will be made from the credit on your account. Credit left remaining at the end of the month can be used as part of the upfront payment for the following month or for other transactions with the clinic. Due to the reduced fee per class in the block booking option we are unable to provide the loyalty program where the 11th class is free.

For a list of fees please visit our Fees & Charges page

To make a booking call (08) 8522 6611 or head to our Online Booking System.
For more information contact Physio-Wise.

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