Joint Pain

At Physio-Wise we see many varied joint pain conditions. Joint pain is a very broad term and is sometimes caused by the actual joint surfaces, but it can also be caused by the muscles and ligaments that surround the joints.

To further complicate things, sometimes joint pain can in fact be referred from another joint. At times it can be difficult to find the exact structure that is causing the pain.

What is Causing My Pain?

To accurately determine the cause of the problem, your physiotherapist will need to get a full history of your problem, and perform specific tests of the area before a diagnosis and plan for treatment can occur.

At Physio-Wise, your physio will use a range of treatment techniques to speed up your recovery. This may include, massage, joint mobilisation, ultrasound, interferential therapy, InterX, or dry needling.

Your physio will discuss your treatment options with you. It is likely that you will be given some exercises to assist recovery and manage your condition. If appropriate our physio will also advise you on taping or bracing.

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