Fees & Charges

The full list of our private consultation fees are as follows.
If you have private health insurance you may be eligible for a rebate on the consultation cost. Please speak to your private health insurance for more information.
Please note that we do not offer concession rates on assessment appointments.

Standard Physiotherapy
Assessment Consultation (for new patients or existing patients who have a new condition or have not been seen for the condition in over 2 years): $110.00
Reassessment Consultation (for conditions that have been seen by us between 6 months and 2 years previous): $98.00
Subsequent Consultation: $85.00 (Concession: $78.00)
Extended Consultation (treatment of 2 areas or complex condition): $98.00 (Concession : $91.00)

Vertigo/BPPV Treatment
Assessment Consultation: $120.00
Subsequent Consultation: $99.00 (Concession: $92.00)

Women's Health Physiotherapy
Assessment Consultation: $144.00
Subsequent Consultation: $108.00 (Concession: $105.00)
Extended Consultation: $138.00 (Concession: $135.00)

Pilates/Clinical Exercise Classes
Assessment / Individual Pilates Consultation: $85.00 (Concession: $78.00)
Clinical Exercise Class (Flexible Booking): $31.00
Clinical Exercise Class (Block Booking): $26.00

Mums & Bubs Exercise Classes
Assessment: $85.00 (Concession: $78.00)
Mums & Bubs Exercise Class (Flexible Booking): $35.00
Mums & Bubs Exercise Class (Block Booking): $30.00

Strength & Balance Classes
Assessment / Individual Consultation: $85.00 (Concession: $78.00)
Strength & Balance Class (Flexible Booking): $32.00
Strength & Balance Class (Block Booking): $26.00

Initial Hydrotherapy Session: $85.00 (Concession: $78.00)
Group Hydrotherapy Sessions: $30.00
Pool Entry Fee (charged if you do not have a Starplex Membership): $9.90

Gym Sessions
Individual Gym Session - Starplex: $98.00 (Concession: $91.00)
Gym Entry Fee (charged if you do not have a Starplex Membership): $20.00
Individual Gym Session - In Clinic: $98.00 (Concession: $91.00)

Remedial Massage
60 minute Massage: $130.00
30 minute Massage: $75.00