Infant & Youth Health

There are a number of ways in which physiotherapy can help with various infant and childhood conditions. These range from infants through to assisting children with developmental delays, sporting injuries and managing minor postural variations.

Colic, Constipation & Reflux

Physio-Wise physiotherapists can also teach parents methods to assist in alleviating the pain and discomfort associated with colic, constipation and reflux in newborns.

Developmental Delay

Our physiotherapists can assist parents in determining whether a delay is present, and collaborate with parents to create fun and imaginative activities at home to promote advancements in these fundamental skills.


Our physiotherapists can educate both children and parents about correcting posture problems through various stretching and strengthening exercises, massage and joint mobilisation.

Sporting Injuries

Acute injuries such as muscles strains and joint sprains are quite common in children and adolescents. Parents often feel that children recover from injuries on their own and therefore do not require intervention from health practitioners. However, recovery is often achieved quicker with physiotherapy intervention, and can be vital in ensuring that appropriate activities are undertaken to prevent re-injury in future years.

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