About Women's Health

Physio-Wise Women's Health Physiotherapy services provide effective management for the following conditions:

Pregnancy related dysfunction

This includes pelvic girdle, lumbar, lower limb and other musculoskeletal pain, bladder and bowel dysfunction, carpal tunnel, exercise prescription for maintenance of strength and fitness.

Early intervention post-natally

This includes education, pelvic floor strengthening exercises, activity modification, exercise prescription, rectus diastasis management. This has been shown to be the most effective time for interventions to prevent prolapse and incontinence in the future.

Pelvic floor muscle dysfunction

This includes urinary and bowel voiding issues, dyspareunia and constipation.

Menopause and age related conditions

This includes changes in bladder and bowel function; prolapse; osteoporosis/osteopenia.

Management of surgical procedures

This includes gynaelogical or breast cancer, pre and post-op gynae care – including pelvic floor muscle strengthening, education, activity modification and pelvic safe exercise – for women undergoing surgery for prolapse or incontinence.

Other Women’s Health Services

This includes ante-natal, pelvic pain, sexual dysfunction, constipation, exercise prescription, pregnancy massage, post-natal, incontinence (urinary and faecal), prolapse and mastectomy care.

Have you ever experienced any of the following symptoms?

  • Leaked urine (i.e. when running, lifting, coughing, laughing, during sex)?
  • Urgency (a sudden strong urge to empty your bladder which is difficult to control)?
  • Increased frequency of urination (more than 8x during the day or more than 1x at night)?
  • Unable to control your wind?
  • Prolapse (heaviness, dragging or pain around the vagina; bulge or lump in the vagina)?
  • Pain (in the pelvic region, during/after sex)?

If you have any of these symptoms don’t wait, we can help you!

How we can help

Physio-Wise will assess your symptoms in a private, confidential consultation and will help with help with the following:

  • Complete relevant assessments such as pelvic floor muscle function, postural assessment, bladder function
  • Set goals with you based on your individual needs
  • Educate and explain using models and illustrations
  • Develop an individual treatment plan based on your goals and our assessment
  • Use measurement tools to monitor progress
  • Progress your treatment with you based on your improvement, symptoms and outcomes
  • Communicate with your GP or specialist regarding the assessment findings, your progress and outcomes (with your consent)
  • Refer you on to other health practitioners when required
  • Develop an individual maintenance program for you to manage independently after you have achieved your goals.

Physiotherapy management of stress incontinence, urgency and urge incontinence is supported by Clinical Research. 10% of women develop pain, discomfort or urinary urge incontinence following surgical repair. The impact on quality of life for these women can be much more distressing than stress incontinence or prolapse symptoms. None of these adverse effects are a risk in Physiotherapy!

Products available at Physio-Wise

SRC pregnancy and recovery shorts are available for purchase, which are a highly effective support garment to promote recovery following vaginal delivery and c-section. We also promote the use of the EPI-NO for birth preparation and recovery which has been shown to significantly reduce the risk and severity of tears with vaginal delivery.