Specially designed adjustable waistband for a comfortable fit throughout your pregnancy. Reduces pain and increases pelvic and back support. Recommended by health care professionals for its ability to improve mobility and pelvic muscle function.

Pregnancy to recovery can feel like a long journey.

The physical strain kicks in at around 17-20 weeks, sometimes earlier. Discomfort and pain starts in the lower back, then some heaviness and pelvic pressure as your baby grows. Mobility is limited and with the weight of your baby, support is sorely needed, especially for your back, abdomen, perineum and the dreaded pelvic floor!

SRC Pregnancy Shorts to the rescue.

Invented by women, for women, these original and unique Pregnancy Shorts are nothing short of miraculous to wear from 12 weeks to late term. These shorts multi task, just like you will be very soon. With special reinforced support panels in all the right areas, they reduce pain and assist your vital pelvic muscle groups. Their lightweight fabric breathes and offers gentle compression. Stretching while on the go, your SRC pregnancy shorts return to their original shape, keep your muscles stimulated and importantly prepare you for labour

and delivery. Most importantly, they give you back your fun time. Time to go out and enjoy your body while it completes its most important job.

SRC Recovery Shorts will shape your future.

After delivery and before you’ve started to feel like yourself again, change into your Recovery Shorts to help you look a little more like the old you. Then, as you get outside with the pram and around the house, they will aid your mobility and actually help to regain your pre-baby shape. Once again, gentle compression and support is the key, especially with separated abdominal muscles.

Recovery Shorts are also particularly beneficial in reducing Caesarean or Episiotomy wound pain, continuously supporting muscles for a much shorter recovery. Wherever you go you can be confident in the knowledge that your Recovery Shorts are doing their job even when you’re not active. Remember to pack them in your Hospital Bag at 36 weeks!

Improve Muscle Tone and Stability

  • Gentle compression to improve muscle tone and stability – reduces pelvic and back pain.
  • Support your baby carrying pelvis to reduce stress placed on it and be in the best shape for delivery.
  • Get through the demands of work with improved energy levels and less leg swelling.

Ergonomically Shaped

Ergonomically shaped and reinforced top panels maintain consistent contact with lower back, hips and public bone area to ensure support and compression. Designed to be worn under regular clothes, adjustable and most importantly comfortable.



We believe a happy, healthy woman makes a great mother and partner.

“Going into my first pregnancy I had suffered pelvic pain for about five years. I was very concerned as to how I would manage the pain throughout pregnancy. I already had a cupboard full of back support braces and pelvic belts etc., but had heard about SRC Pregnancy Shorts and thought why not give them a go? Wearing them day and night, the results were instant. I felt fully supported standing for long periods at work, and I could easily wear them under my clothes. They offered such wonderful relief around the pubic bone area. I absolutely loved them!”

Bridget McIntyre – TV Presenter Brand Power

“For centuries there have been all sorts of different ways to try and get your body back into shape. I wore the SRC Recovery Shorts following my pregnancies and unlike any other products on the market, the recovery shorts allowed my body to recover well and bounce back into shape. I was able to get back into my old clothes within a few weeks.’

Read more about SRC Pregnancy Shorts in our Knowledge Library.


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