• Dynamic Tape

    Dynamic Tape

    Dynamic Tape is a highly elastic tape which stretches in all directions and has very strong recoil properties. It can be laminated together to increase this power.

    This design and the unique, visco-elastic properties allow it to work like a bungee cord by acting on the levers of the body, it acts to:

    • decelerate motion
    • absorb load
    • reduce the work of muscles (that would normally do the above)
    • change movement patterns by pulling the body one way or resisting it in another
    • improve the activation of muscle by bringing it into a better position which allows it to generate force more effectively (i.e. improve the length-tension relationship). An example is the scapula.
    • manage the load through tendons and maintain a more mechanically efficient system – degenerative tendons elongate more under load reducing efficiency of force transfer, effecting balance and co-ordination and so on. Load also drives tendons through various stages of pathology from a reactive tendinopathy to a degenerative one. A combination of tensile load and compressive load has been shown to induce tendinopathy most rapidly (Soslowsky et al)
    • change the orientation of a joint (add a rotation or a glide) to allow it to function in a position of ease
    • provide strong postural correction and resist unwanted movements
    • offload the soft tissue to reduce pressure pain thresholds and tissue ‘stiffness’ as observed with ‘box’ offload taping (Hug et al, 2014) to reduce compressive loading
    • Improvements in circulation – the mechanism is not well understood but research is demonstrating a reduction in tissue stiffness when all the soft tissues are gathered up manually and held in place by tape. This may then result in more patent small vessels which can remove fluid more easily.

      Available in 2 widths and with a black tattoo pattern on beige and also a beige tattoo pattern on beige.

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