Specifically tailored for mother and baby during the postnatal months. These classes are taken by physiotherapists experienced in Women’s Health.

Fully Qualified Instructors

Baby-lates is a mother and baby exercise class comprised of clinical Pilates exercises specifically designed for the postnatal months to help your body regain strength and tone in a safe and effective way.  The emphasis is on strengthening the pelvic floor, deeper abdominals, gluteals and back as well as on opening and relaxing tensions in the shoulders, neck and upper back.  The Pilates exercises taught in this class are gentle and tailored to your own ability, allowing you to slowly progress the difficulty of the exercises as your body continues to recover after birth.  High priority is given to the pelvic floor and deeper abdominal muscles to assist in the recovery of separation of the abdominals and to prevent against pelvis floor weakness symptoms such as incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse.

Baby-lates is unique in that classes include movements with your baby’s development in mind as well as your own.  Attention is given to positioning your baby in such ways that it promotes head and core control, strength in the limbs and movement patterns to facilitate your baby’s postural development from lying to walking.  Babies need to be given the opportunity to learn and connect with their bodies through movement, to strengthen their muscles and stimulate their nervous system in order to achieve those critical physical milestones over their first years.

As with all our pre and postnatal classes, Baby-lates classes are supervised by our physiotherapists Kerri Liebelt and Brooke Barrowcliffe who are trained in the field of Women’s Health.  Kerri and Brooke have also achieved certification and undertaken additional study with the Australian Physiotherapy Pilates Institute into pre and postnatal exercises.  Our classes are kept to small numbers to ensure that every women participating has constant supervision and feedback, and every exercise is monitored to match to the ability of each individual.


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